What if you could DOMINATE

your local real estate market with video and
attract business rather than chase it?

Important question for ambitious real estate agents who feel like they’re still prospecting like it’s 1998...

What’s the biggest difference between the agent with a YouTube™ channel, who wakes up with an inbox full of quality leads, begging to work with them…

…and those who are still cold-calling (and getting hung up on), spending big $$ on signs, or buying un-qualified leads from you-know-who?

If you guessed that they were born knowing how to shine on video…you’d be wrong.

If you guessed that it was their uber-glam backdrop or supermodel good looks…you’d be wrong.

If you guessed it’s their TikToking teenagers running the show…you’d be wrong

And if you guessed that it was their high-powered team, their high-end camera setup, or the market they’re in…you’d still be wrong.

Because while any of these things might help, they don’t guarantee you instant success.


YouTube Realtor Training

A complete roadmap to transform your YouTube™ channel into a lead-generating machine for your business

When other agents saw how quickly my business took off after I started my YouTube™ channel, they approached me asking me to teach them how to do it too.

Proven techniques and strategies used by hundreds of agents…

  • Agents who know they need video to take their business to the next level but don’t know where to start
  • Agents who’ve realized that marketing tactics have evolved since they first got their license, and they need to keep up with the next generation of clients
  • Agents who understand that a tried-and-tested system is the best way to approach a new marketing channel
  • Agents who genuinely want to put in the work—week after week—to create a lead-generation tool that works while they sleep

The Result Is…

A tested blueprint for video success that gives you all the information you need to record, edit, and promote high-quality videos—plus the behind-the-scenes systems to ensure consistency week after week.

“I really want clients to chase me for a change.”

How long have you been trying to get clients from cold calls, Facebook friends from highschool, or other worn-out, old-school strategies?
(Looking at you, door-knocking…)
A week? A month? …
Or has it been years?

 Hi. We are Tony & Jessica REALTORS in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL.

And WE hate knocking on doors and making cold calls.

So after 12 years in the real estate biz, WE started making YouTube™ videos. Simple ones, edited (by me!) using iMovie.

It didn’t take long before WE were  drowning in leads.

Within three years, WE went from being a solo agent to building a team, and then expanding into new markets.

The whole time, WE wasn’t buying leads. WE wasn’t knocking on doors. WE weren’t running Facebook ads.

WE were just making videos—one every week for four years.

WE firmly believe that if you commit to making videos consistently, you’re going to see the results you’re dreaming of.

Every Monday, you sit down with a piping-hot latte from the Starbucks drive-through and promise yourself that THIS is going to be the week you fill your pipeline to bursting.

After all, everyone tells you that real estate is supposed to be good money, right?

So you run an ad on Facebook…and get a bunch of leads…

Who are planning to buy a home—three years from now (maybe).

Or you pay for low-quality leads—from companies that have their sights set on undermining your business to begin with.

And worst of all, you spend tons and tons of time chasing people who don’t answer the phone, don’t reply to texts or open your emails, or just flat out give you fake contact information.

You’re stuck on a treadmill that’s missing an off button.

It’s not that you’re lazy or incapable…

You just can’t sell properties if you have nobody to sell them to.

You’re thiiiiis close to resorting to heading over to the supermarket with your name tag on upside down, in hopes that some unsuspecting person in the produce section just happens to have “A daughter who’s looking to buy a million-dollar home!”

You and I both know it doesn’t work like that in real life. And even if it did…do you really want to be that person?

Besides, it’s a new day: Millennial and Gen Z homebuyers use their cell phones to research and find agents and screen the calls from numbers they don’t know.

And door-knocking? They’ve got a Ring camera set up, and if it’s not an Amazon package or a DoorDash delivery, they’re staying put on the sofa.

So if you've ever thought to yourself, "I just can't make one. more. cold call"... ...then I have great news.

What If You Had A System That Met New Clients For You…

And Turned Them Into Raving Fans?

What If You Had A System That Met New Clients For You…

And Turned Them Into Raving Fans?

Just imagine…before you even get out of bed in the morning, you open your inbox to find a message from a new lead, who found you through your YouTube™ channel.

They’re currently living overseas, but an upcoming job transfer means they need a new home in your area.

A YouTube™ search led them to your video about what it’s REALLY like to live in your town, and after watching it, they were your biggest fan.

Now they’re asking whether you have time to chat today!

You’ve paid your dues. (Just think of how many open houses you’ve rocked over the years.)

What you need is a system that works for you to attract new leads…while you’re sleeping…

Or helping your kids with their schoolwork…

Or even while you’re on vacation touring castles in Ireland—or toasting with margaritas in Mexico.

The 5 Reasons You’re STILL Using “Old School” Methods of Getting Leads

Myth #1: Video marketing is for 22 year old influencers and charismatic celebrities…not the rest of us.

Just like the rest of us, you’ve been stuck at home binge-watching Selling Sunset with a glass of wine and bag of tortilla chips…

Looking at perfect manicures and bouncy blonde blowouts, spiky four-inch McQueen heels, and hot-pink Louis Vuitton handbags.

And now, when you think about doing a video, your stomach lurches a little bit.

Maybe you’re thinking about how your roots are showing because you haven’t been to the salon in 8 months.

Maybe you haven’t been hitting the gym as often as you used to (or at all).

Or maybe you consider yourself an introvert and don’t think video is FOR people like you.

So you’re just waiting for that day when the stars align and you feel good enough about yourself to turn on the camera.

The reality is…video creates connection. And people connect to people they relate to.

The more relatable you are, the more trust you command, and the more people want to work with you.

Myth #2: You need to be all things to all people (or the phone will stop ringing and the work will stop coming).

If you’re anything like me when I started out, you’re terrified that if you start focusing on one group of people, you’re going to miss out on THE lead that’s going to change everything.So instead of niching down, you try to be EVERYONE’s real estate agent.

Retirees? Love it! You’ll work with them.

Military relocations? No problem. Them too.

First-time homebuyers? Second-home purchasers? Investment properties? Short sales? Seven-figure purchases? You’ll work with anyone and everyone.

You know what marketing pros say when they hear that?

“When you market to everyone, you market to no one.”

When you focus on one specific group of clients, and you become THE go-to person for that market…

And then the phone never stops ringing.

Myth #3: You need to be EVERYWHERE online.

You know you SHOULD be marketing online, but you can’t actually bring yourself to get started.Because if you have to do Facebook Lives…

…and maintain an Instagram account full of staged home pics…

…and record videos for YouTube…..and choreograph dances for TikTok (wait, WHAT??)…

…you’re not going to have any time to do the actual work of selling homes.

But the truth is that you can market yourself successfully online by focusing on ONE platform.

In fact, unless you’ve got a massive team working under you, it’s the best way to do it.

Myth #4: You need to change everything you’ve been doing for years and years.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

When things aren’t working right—when your pipeline goes totally dry and you’re thinking about whether it’s time to start pounding the pavement again, business cards in hand—it’s tempting to tear everything down and start over.

But the truth is that you’ve worked HARD for your expertise.

Instead of reinventing yourself, you just need to take what you’ve already learned and apply it to a new method of selling.

Myth #5: You need to have your phone by your side at all hours (even when you’re in the shower)or risk losing leads—or clients.

We’re all guilty of this one. And why is that?

Because when your picture pops up beside a property on The Big Real Estate Site and someone fills out the little form that says “Contact agent,” three OTHER real estate agents get that lead and blow up that person’s phone right away trying to be the first.

And boom! Now we’ve trained them to think that we will respond to their inquiry within two seconds every single time.

So when they call and you don’t answer because you’re in the middle of dinner, your daughter’s ballet recital, or you’re actually sleeping like a real human…they start to think that you’re not responsive, so they’re going to go find somebody else.

But no one calls their CPA, or their hairstylist, or their Pilates instructor at 9 PM and expects them to pick up right away.

Real talk: Nothing is happening at eight o’clock at night in the real estate market.

When you stop relying on leads purchased from Big Real Estate Site or its competitors, you can set yourself up as an authority—and set your own boundaries and working hours.

If you’re not doing video, then what ARE you doing?

I’m here to tell you:

YouTube™ will help you get “discovered” by people who want to work with you because they feel like they already know and like you

And when you have a roadmap for YouTube™ success, you’ll be able to:

  • Stop relying on outdated, hard-selling methods of finding leads that leave you (and your prospects) feeling icky
  • Attract leads that TRUST you intuitively because they feel like you’re an old friend
  • “Work” even when you’re not working—because your videos are available 24/7 and searchable for any potential clients to see
  • Become the go-to person for a specific group of homebuyers in your city
  • Finally enjoy that much talked about “flexibility” that drove you to become an agent

Keep making sales while staying safe (and snug in your sweats) at home during a pandemic—no more stressing about whether you have to do open houses even when you don’t feel comfortable

Sound like a dream come true? Not if you put in the work and follow the step-by-step plan I’ve developed for you.

What YOU Get









Getting Started

As the saying goes, “begin as you mean to go on.”

In this module, you’ll learn about some of my favorite tools for creating and editing videos, and I’ll give you tips on how to outsource tasks that you don’t have the time (or expertise for). You’ll also get started on branding your channel.

Setting Up Your YouTube™ Account

I’m going to walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up a YouTube™ account. By the end of this module, you’ll have a channel that:

  • Reflects your brand from top to toe
  • Links to all other elements of your online presence
  • Complies with online privacy legislation

Anatomy of a Good Video

Ready to learn the formula I’ve been using to create videos for years? I’ll hand over the script that keeps users watching—and how to get them to take the action you want.

In this module, I also share my favorite tips for overcoming shyness about being on camera.

Keyword Research

Here’s where the magic happens. After all, there’s no point in making great videos if no one can find them, right?

No more being intimidated by SEO or the YouTube™ algorithm—you’ll learn how to use my favorite tools to find a topic that viewers are searching for.









The Filming Process

This module is packed with tips to keep your filming process simple and easy. You’ll hear my tricks for sounding relaxed on camera. We’ll also discuss different ways of creating and using footage, and I’ll reveal how I get viewers to stick around for an entire video—every time.

The Editing Process

I know how intimidating editing can be, so in this module, you’ll get step-by-step tutorials on how to edit your videos using some of the most common software programs. You’ll also discover how to turn standard footage into next-level, professional-looking videos while editing.

Making Sure Your Video Gets Found in Search

YouTube’s algorithm is constantly changing. This module is frequently updated with the latest strategies to ensure that your ideal clients find your videos—and that they’ll be enticed to click through to watch.

Promoting Your Videos

Now that you’ve created, edited, and uploaded your video, it’s time to make sure that you leverage it for maximum results.You’ll learn some of my favorite tactics for cross-promoting your videos on all of your platforms—and then I’ll teach you how to set it and forget it when it comes to cross-promotion.

Not only will you get alllllllll of that, but you’ll also get...

→ Lead magnets

No need to start from scratch when it comes to lead magnets! Use my plug-and-play lead magnet templates wherever you like within your sales funnel. Tweak them a bit to suit your market, then start gathering prospects’ information right away.

→ Tech resources

Here’s where my four-plus years of experience in being a YouTube™ creator comes in. You’ll find videos explaining the solution to common tech issues— PLUS a content calendar with enough ideas for 6 months of videos.

→ Live trainings

Ready to do a deep dive into some of the topics discussed in modules 1-8? I regularly do hour-long live trainings for YouTube™ for Agents members, and we’ve stashed all the recordings here. We’ll go in-depth about topics like overcoming perfectionism or creating the perfect backdrop for your videos. Plus, you’ll have access to join us live for any future trainings.

→ Direct access to me and my team

We’re committed to your success, so we’ll happily review your YouTube™ channel to see what’s working and what’s not—then provide action items that you can follow to get back on track.


Questions your fellow agents asked before joining YouTubeRealtorTraining

And this is NOT for you if…

You hate the idea of being on video and you don’t want to step out of your comfort zone and give it a whirl.

You aren’t willing to hire a VA to edit your videos or learn to edit them yourself. For this to work, you have to be willing to invest some time, some money, and sometimes both.

You’re making plenty of money and don’t really have time to learn a new strategy. I’m happy for you! Keep doing what’s already working.

The Cornerstone Guarantee

I’m such a believer in how YouTube™ can scale your real estate business in only a few hours a week that I’ve created what I call the Cornerstone Guarantee.

If you put in the time (at least 3 hours a week), make the videos in the format that I teach you, and are consistently posting with NO results after 60 days, then I’ll cut you a check for the cost of the program.

Just send an email to support@youtubeforagents.com with a link to your YouTube™ channel, and we’ll get the refund process started.